Frequently Asked Questions

What is the speed difference between popular ICD units?

ICD Timings
PIC18F4520® MCU Load Time* Single Step Time**
MPLAB® ICD 2 (USB) 7 1.3
MPLAB® Real ICE™ 5 0.1
CCS ICD-U40 18 1.9
CCS ICD-U64 4.5 0.4

* Times are in seconds, loading a full PIC18F4520 ® MCU on a 1 GHz PC.

** Times represent how long it takes in seconds to execute a single step command on a 1 GHz PC, where a single step is the time it takes the program counter to increment one address. For all cases, the software was set to read all memory on each single step.

For more information or additional help about ICD-S/U speeds, contact CCS Technical Support.

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